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Most people could sustain these 3 simple daily habit-hacks

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Habit-Hack 1

For stress

We taught individuals a simple breathing technique to activate their vagus nerve and help the parasympathetic branch of their autonomic nervous system stay in control of the evolutionary stress response. A chronic release of stress chemicals harms us.

Habit-Hack 2

For sleep

We taught them how to use timed daylight exposure to activate the neurons that control our Circadian circuits. These cells need the signal of  daylight to regulate the timed release of melatonin for sleep. Avoid bright lights in the evening. 

Habit-Hack 3

For weight management

We also taught individuals how to eat within a simple timed window. This helps our biology look after our waistline, energy and underlying cellular health. This timed eating period gives your systems the break they require to digest and repair.

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Diet and fitness hasn't produced healthy nations.

Historic data and our own research clearly showed that most people cannot permanently sustain health approaches that require (i) effort  and/or (ii) cost.

Consequently, diet and fitness based approaches have failed to stop the nation ageing into chronic lifestyle illnesses. They also do not really align with our evolutionary reward circuits in the brain.

Therefore, giving the usual "eat better and move more" advice hasn't worked and isn't likely to ever work for most people. These types of recommendations require effort and expense so are too difficult for most people to sustain for an entire lifetime. They become fads that individuals can only sustain for a while.

In contrast, the data and growing evidence base is clearly showing that our tiny daily habits are actually what determine how well (or badly) we age. Not gym fads, expensive nutritional trends, gadgets or apps. 

The good news is that these 3 simple habit-hacks seem to work!

The 3 habit-hacks we identified help our underlying evolutionary biology operate in the way they were designed. Because you do these habits every day they can provide very powerful effects, both in the short-term and through your future health journey. They are simple and free and appear to be easier to sustain. They effectively support your mental and physical wellbeing.

What about exercise and nutrition?

When you get back in control of your stress, sleep and weight management there is often a noticeable increase in physical activity naturally. This is simply because energy levels improve.

There are also positive knock-on effects on nutritional habits because tired, stressed brains often make terrible food and drink choices.

These 3 habits help you get on top of stress, sleep and eating patterns so you have a solid foundation of lifelong healthy habits to build upon.

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- N. Bashir

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- L. Randone

After coming on my TV show, Dr Julia's method not only transformed my health, it also changed my life.

- S. McGovern

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