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My name is Dr Julia Jones, I'm a neuroscientist on a quest to build a new preventative health solution.

My 5-year research project was completed in September 2023.

It discovered 3 simple habit-hacks that deliver a new, low effort, low cost approach to wellness.

We coach you through these 'metahacks' in my masterclasses and on our simple 12-week course featuring daily live support.

We've also launched two unique products to help you hack your habits:

  • MusicHacks - a breathing tool on Spotify & Apple Music for stress resilience and improved sleep
  • Hack Coffee - a new formula to easily support gut health and mental performance
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Featured by

Featured by

Holidity founder, Dr Julia Jones, on ITV’s This Morning show 2023

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Never again spend money on a gym or diet. Invest in simple habits.

The philosophy behind this Holidity method is all about very simple life changes that can simply change your life.

Tiny habits, when done daily, have a huge effect on your health journey. We’ll teach you how to fade out the bad habits, and press play on these 3 powerful habit tweaks. Like all the biggest hits, getting the formula right takes time. But once everything’s in harmony, magic happens.

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We've also designed two innovative new products to support your adjusted habits.

Learn more about the MusicHacks and Hack Coffee products here

Our approach is based upon natural methods but if you think your health status might be negatively impacted then you should always first discuss with your personal doctor.

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