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My name is Dr Julia Jones, I'm a neuroscientist on a mission to teach this simple and effective new health solution based in the lifelong solidity of a few habit tweaks.

My research identified why 50 years of huge diet and fitness trends failed to produce healthy nations. As their revenues grew, so did average waistline size and the scale of the health crisis. They aren't the solution to our problem because they require ongoing effort and cost and aren't aligned closely enough with our evolutionary biology and our brain's reward circuits.

Consequently, most people simply cannot sustain that effort and spend for a lifetime due to our evolutionary genetics and hectic modern life.

The fact is you simply cannot "out-diet" or "out-run" the cumulative effect of your poor daily habits.

You have to fix those habits. Most people need daily human support to make those changes permanent.

So I developed this new approach.  I act as your Accountability Partner with daily check-ins.

I also teach you some basic science. It's simple, affordable and effective.

Don't get misled by other diet and fitness marketing. Stop wasting your money. Fix your habits with me.

I've shown thousands of people this simple practice through my 90-DAY RESET and sessions for leading employers including ITV, Wickes, Barclays, Oracle, Goldman Sachs and many more. It works!

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Featured by

Featured by

Holidity founder, Dr Julia Jones, on ITV’s This Morning show 2023

"This journey transformed my health"


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Many thousands of people have already seen the benefits of Dr Julia Jones' habit coaching sessions.

"She makes the science simple to understand and the daily check-ins are a gamechanger"

"This was a lot easier than I thought and it's transformed my health"

"We've never had such a huge response to a wellness program thank you"

"This is a breath of fresh air"

"Dr Julia Jones is in a league of her own"

"I'll never need a gym or diet again"

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This approach is not medical advice, it's educational and a support programme. If you think your health might be negatively impacted by habit changes you should first discuss with your personal doctor.

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