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Hack Coffee & MusicHacks!

We’ve developed these to help support your 
habit adjustment efforts in daily life

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Hack Coffee

Packed with

vitamins & minerals

Hit the new


diversity recommendations

British farmers growing on


Spend less

time in supermarkets

Boost your

gut diversity

Help to

your risk

of illnesses

Packed with
vitamins & minerals


Spend less time
and money


Hit the nutritional
daily recommendations


Boost your
gut diversity


Sustainable, affordable
daily habits


Help reduce your
risk of illnesses

Hit the new 30 diversity recommendations

Packed with vitamins and minerals

British farmers growing on organic land*

Spend less time in supermarkets

Boost your gut diversity

Help reduce your risk of illness

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We've also launched The MusicHacks Collection!



Nutrition for your ears 

Our MusicHacks tracks are superb practice tools for breathing for reducing stress and supporting sleep

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We breathe every day but you may not be breathing in a way that can boost your wellness

Our modern lifestyle makes it hard to be healthy

We know we should do better, but we don't

Practicing specific breathing patterns delivers multiple health benefits

As humans we naturally synchronise to musical rhythms

This means music can acts as a superb timing tool to practice these breathing rates

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We work with partners to innovate


We've analysed the habits that most people have already embedded into daily life (e.g. drinking coffee and/or listening to music).

We formulate versions of that product to enable that habit to give a larger health boost.

We team up with superb partners to bring those products to our customers.

In January 2023, we were invited to join the UK Government's Food Innovation Accelerator programme to develop our Hack Coffee product with support from Growing Kent & Medway, University of Greenwich, University of Kent and Innovate UK. We formed a partnership with a leading F&B manufacturer to bring this coffee to market in Nov 2023.

In September 2023, we formed a partnership with Universal Production Music to bring our MusicHacks to market. We entered the studio with their team and the first collection of tracks released in Nov 2023.

What people say about our work

Everyone should try these simple, affordable habit hacks that can help a healthy lifestyle

- The Sun

The neuroscientist's guide to longevity

- The Times

It's incredible that something so simple and free could be the solution we have been seeking for so long.

- N. Bashir

This was the most successful and engaging employee wellness program we have run thank you.

- L. Randone

After coming on my TV show, Dr Julia's method not only transformed my health, it also changed my life.

- S. McGovern

We absolutely loved your Biohacking Bootcamp and learned so much that now it's hopefully easier to put into practice!

- Sally & Karen

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