About Dr Julia Jones

Academic Credentials

BA (Hons)

Sport & Exercise Science
(Psychology Major)
University of Wales


Sport & Exercise Science
(Psychology Major)
Brunel University London


Strategy, Finance, Marketing
& Organisational Behaviour
University of Kent


Applied Neuroscience
& Mental Health
IoPPN, King's College London


Examining the lifelong effects
of music from youth
University of Westminster

Post-Doctoral Modules

Nutrition Science (Stanford University)
Metabolic Syndrome (Harvard University)
Genetic Testing (Cambridge University)

Professional Experience

Julia has been studying and applying the science of psychology, neuroscience and behaviour for over 30 years.

She was first shown ‘biohacking’ techniques during a visit to a US Navy base in California in the early 1990s. They were using music to influence the ancient, evolutionary, biological responses, reducing anxiety in high pressure situations, boosting endurance, maintaining motivation and improving sleep.

As a musician, DJ and Sport & Exercise Scientist, Julia was fascinated by this ‘biohacking’ power of music and sound and has been using this in her professional work ever since. Showing clients how to harness the power of music and sound for health benefits, elite performance and/or business success. Hence, how she became known as 'Dr Rock'.

Julia's published research in the 1990s examined the entrainment effect of synchronised exercise to music.

In the 2010s her PhD research examined the lifelong effects of music memories from youth. This led to her work with the NHS, writing a music strategy for their first Dementia Village.

Her work subsequently expanded into other health approaches as she began to explore the idea of finding a new solution to reduce the risk of dementia and a range of other chronic illnesses that are crippling our health system.

She began showing clients how to use daylight exposure, timed eating/fasting, cold showers, slow breathing and consumer biofeedback devices to transform health and wellness pillars, boost performance and reduce the risk of illness. Julia is now a leading expert in this field.

Her clients have spanned multiple sectors including elite sports, GB Olympic squads, NHS, business leaders, corporations, property developers, UK government groups, Grammy-winning musicians. 

In 2019, she began publishing her three Health Trilogy books to help spread awareness of the new scientific research and the effectiveness of simple, science-based, biohacking habits.

The series began with The Music Diet book, showcasing the incredible versatile power of music and sound as a health tool from cradle to grave.

In 2021, the follow up book, Neuron, entered the Amazon Bestseller List after her appearance on television. It became the foundation of her new startup company (Neuron Wellness Ltd).

In September 2022, F-Bomb, completed the Health Trilogy and entered the Amazon Bestseller Chart twice following feature articles, a front page mention in The Times ("The Neuroscientist's Guide To Longevity"), and TV appearances.

Julia’s live shows, talks and her Masterclass workshops also make these science based insights simple through a fun and interactive science, tech and music format.

Research now suggests that many of our chronic illnesses actually begin silently at a cellular level during working life, Julia is working closely with employers to ensure their employee wellness programmes include this cutting-edge habit hacking science at their core.

Since 2022, Julia is now also lead guitarist in all-female rock band 'Pretty Crap', after a brain health challenge where she attempted to learn to play like Jimi Hendrix. In August 2023, Pretty Crap performed  their first full gig in London at the legendary Troubadour where Hendrix and many other music names have appeared.

In September 2023, Julia completed her 5-year research project ('Smart Wellness') and fully launched the resulting habit adjustment approach in October under the new brand of 'Holidity'.

More info at drjuliajones.com